Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Review

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here is my review Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster. These are my honest opinions of this guitar and hopefully that will give you a better idea of whether this guitar will work for you or not.

I've always wanted a telecaster. They have a very unique sound to them that I love. I've always wanted a guitar to keep Open Tuning G. It is much easier to play in Open G Tuning when you set the action of the guitar top and put up a set. 011 ' s. I also play slide open and make g these two things makes it much easier to play.

There are so many out there now who could hear is kind of overwhelming. There are some of those really expensive as well. I watched the 52 Hot Rod by Fender and seemed to be a great choice. The only problem was that I didn't have to throw down $ 1700 on a guitar at the time.

So I started searching on the internet and kept seeing the Squier Classic Vibe Canvases come as an excellent choice for an inexpensive telecaster. I paid $ 349 with shipment for this guitar. This is a bit easier to find than the $ 1700 for the Tele Hot Rod. I'm sure the Hot Rod is an amazing guitar, and I'm not knocking. Just don't have much money to fork over for a guitar at the time. I'm sure many people are in the same boat.

So I got the guitar, and I must say it is beautiful to watch. It also performs very well. I had to change the action and auction segment for my taste, but it sounds really good! The neck is slightly different from that which they are accustomed to play great but once I have become more accustomed to it. Also has a nice sound chimey to it. That infamous canvases that everyone knows and plays. Maybe I need to raise the pickup on it, but when lowering the volume of the guitar, simply loses the tone in my opinion. This is something I'll have to investigate further.

Then I proceeded to put a series of. 011 GHS Boomers on it and tuned it opened g. Now, for me, this is where the guitar really shines. I'm not saying do not play well in standard tuning, it does. However, as my neck Gibson ES-335. Although the Gibson 335 you can't get the same tone as tell and sometimes I'd like to have. However, I can see me do a concert in standard tuning with the classical atmosphere and is good for me. Is a really nice, and the price can't be beat. I played the classic Vibe Strats as well, and while they are good enough, they just don't hold up to Classic Vibe Telecaster.

However, when I tuned this guitar to Open G Tuning and slide started playing, I was immediately wiped out. Finally I reached the Crossroads for tone that I tried. Chimey is great, and it distorts nicely with my Fednder Vibrolux. I have to turn it up loud to get through the amp overdrive, though. This is where the attenuator Weber comes in handy. Adding a to OCD produced some great results as well as the wave cannon. Add some vibrato, and you have tone similar to "Feelin' Bad Blues" from the movie Crossroads, done by Ry Cooder.

Watch the video below to hear how it sounds in Open G Tuning

You can control this guitar Guitar Center for $ 349.99 with the expedition.
Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster ' 50s guitar Butterscotch Blonde

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