How to teach the guitar: the role of empathy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rob's Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching HandbookThe following is an excerpt from Rob's totally awesome guitar teaching handbook.

As was the last time you were scared to try something new? I'm talking not about the fear of sharks at your first surfing lesson. I mean, try something you really want to do, but you are concerned that Jah had other intentions, as he left your aptitude at that time. Perhaps she was dancing lessons, audition for a band, the decision to write a novel or your first date after a bad resolution continues.

Many beginning guitar students have the same type of fear. They are often bold adults, that in primary school was told, they have no rhythm or tone deaf. They come to you, because they are still looking for a way to make music despite discouragement and, hope that you can show the way. Empathizing with them - feel what they feel - helps you to teach them.

FistA way to empathize is to remember a similar time in your life. May be you need to deep ditch. Children risk failure of ever, but as older people, they tend to find their way and then cruise it - back, on the one hand on the wheel. Even if you are a dedicated lifelong learner, it is may be difficult to remember the last time you were fear, something so bad.

As I have with the fear of failure of noodles, a few years ago, I started singing lessons. I humiliated spent my first lesson on all the unpredictable sounds, I made. Then, I remember that in my parked car restoration in the sweat soaked staring at the dashboard feel like a vulnerable child.

I remember this moment, when I start lessons with the new students reminded me that although it is just another day of work for me, one of the scariest things it might be that they have done.

What do you think: how necessary it empathize for a teacher to their students is? I would listen to some stories.

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