What Is a Guitar ?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Now that we know something of the instrument’s past, let’s learn more about the differenttypes of guitars that are available to play. First, we’ll take a guided tour of a typical guitar, sowe learn how to talk about the various parts of the instrument, from peg head to bridge.

Once we’ve learned the guitar parts, we’ll be ready to discuss the major differences betweenclassical, folk, jazz, and electric/rock guitars. Why is choosing the right type of guitar soimportant? You can’t play like Andres Segovia if you choose Eddie van Halen’s guitar, or viceversa.

Each type of guitar presents its special features and poses special challenges for the beginner.Getting the best guitar for the style of music you want to play is the goal here. You may evenfind that you’ll want more than one instrument to suit your different musical personalities!