Buying a Guitar

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Buying a guitar can be an intimidating experience, particularly if you aren’t yet a proficientplayer. How can you choose the right instrument if you can’t even play it? But, the fact ofthe matter is there are some practical techniques you can use in selecting and buying anaffordable instrument.

This chapter outlines some basic buying strategies that will work for you. These include pre-shopping tips: distinguishing among different types of guitars (drawing on the informationfrom Chapter 2), fitting an instrument to your body type (and style of music), a brief over-view of the common guitar brands, and whether to buy from a local music shop or by mailorder.

Even if you could afford to own Eric Clapton’s Stratocaster—and generally speaking youshould buy the best guitar you can afford—you may have to be practical. This means buyinga guitar . . . that won’t empty your savings account. This chapter shows you how.