Guitar Styles

Thursday, November 23, 2006

With so much variety it becomes necessary to look at the various types of guitar and toexplore the best uses for each. Before going shopping it is obviously important to decidewhich style appeals to you the most, and which guitar will serve you best.

  • Classical: If you’re interested in playing classical music, you’ll want to play a Spanish orclassical-style guitar.

  • Flamenco: For flamenco, a Spanish-made instrument is best.

  • Folk/Traditional/Blues: For these styles, the standard acoustic guitar is the best choice,although some folk players prefer the softer sound of the Spanish classical guitar.

  • Jazz: You can play either an acoustic or electric instrument, although many jazz playersprefer a special, large-bodied hybrid instrument called a hollow-body electric.

  • Rock: An electric guitar is mandatory for the hard-rockin’ player.