Sitting Correctly

Monday, December 4, 2006

First, sit comfortably in an upright chair as illustrated above. I recommend using the classicalposition, with the left foot raised on a footstool or other support, because this provides theeasiest access to all parts of the guitar. The height of the footstool will vary according to yourheight, but for most people four to six inches is enough to provide good support. Adjustablefolding footstools are widely available at music stores at moderate cost and are the mostconvenient solution. However, in the early stages anything that raises and supports the footwill do.

To look at your hands, lean forward rather than pulling the guitar back. It is important tokeep the guitar upright. As you look to your left at the tuning machines, keep them aboutthe level of your shoulder; the axis of the guitar should not become too vertical.

The informal right-legposition. The sketchshows the positionfavored by the versatileLaurindo Almeida, amaster of both classicaland Latin Americanstyles.