Quick Review

Sunday, December 17, 2006

This is a good time to review what you have learned so far, since the early instruction is fairlyintense and there is much to remember. Answering these questions will help the memory.

  1. Why use the classical position at this stage ?
  2. What are the important points related to positioning the guitar ?
  3. Can you play the C, F, G7, Am, and Dm chords ?
  4. Are chords played with the fingertips or the nails ?
  5. To see your hands, should you lean your head forward or pull the guitar back ?
  6. What is a bar line? Why is it used ?

The Least You Need to Know
  • Holding the right hand over the strings in the proper position will help you play moreeasily.
  • Classical guitar players need to keep their nails carefully shaped, just long enough toplay the strings.
  • How to play simple chords.
  • How to add rhythm to your chord progressions.
  • How to play in waltz rhythm.