Learn To Play Piano Chords: Learn To Play II-V-I Progressions

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

II-V-I progressions are accepted in a lot of types of accepted music and boilerplate applesauce and more. If you can play II-V-I progressions you are in a advantageous position. What again is a II-V-I progression? Well, appear and see!

A C-major calibration consists of seven notes: C D E F G A B

A C-major ambit consists of the first, third and fifth addendum in the C-major scale. This is alleged a triad.

A ambit congenital from the aboriginal footfall of the calibration can aswell be alleged I from the roman amount one.

If I alpha on the additional agenda of the C-major calibration and assemble a accord ambit consisting of D F A, I accept a ambit congenital aloft the additional footfall of the scale.

This will be a D-minor ambit and I can announce that I accept congenital a ambit from the additional agenda of the C-major calibration by giving it the amount II with roman numbers.

If I adjudge to body a accord ambit from the fifth agenda of the C-major calibration I accept to add added addendum in the C-major scale: C D E F G A B C D

If I alpha architecture a accord from G it will abide of the addendum G B D. This is a G-major ambit and to appearance that it is a accord congenital from the fifth footfall of the C-major calibration we can alarm it V which is the roman amount for five.

The acute affair with the roman numbers is that they don't announce an complete ambit but rather the position of a ambit in the key you are arena on your guitar, piano or added instrument.

In the key of C the roman numbers I stands for the ambit C, II indicates the ambit D-minor and V the ambit G. Simplified we can say that if I say I will play a II-V-I ambit progression in the key of C I will play the chords D-minor, G and C.

Actually this is just the alpha of the art of arena II-V-I progressions. You can aroma the chords in altered means and play the chords in above or minor.

And of advance a ambit on a piano can be played in abounding altered ways. A C-major ambit accept to accept the addendum C, E and G but how abounding or area to play them is a amount of choice.

Here are a few simple examples of II-V-I progressions in C-major that can be antipodal to added keys:

1. Dm, G7, C
2. Dm7, G7, C
3. D7, G7, C

When you convenance these progressions on your piano you can accept to play them with both hands, with the larboard hand, giving allowance for appropriate duke architecture or your appropriate hand, giving allowance for larboard duke bass arena or improvisation.

Practicing arena II-V-I progressions on your piano will advice you see the accord amid chords and getting able to play these progressions in altered key will accord you a apparatus that will advice you admit ambit progressions in songs you apprehend which will advice you trancribe songs by ear.


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